A Mini-Heart Attack and Its Resolution


. I got to have a H2O sonogram which basically acts the same way placing an embryo will. They just checked that everything would work as expected and there weren’t any anomalies they needed to be aware of. I passed with flying colors! Yay! I was pleased about that, it’s starting to feel abnormal whenever I come back being “normal.”

We also had another analysis done. The normal analysis still came back with zero sperm, but! A micro analysis found one little guy! * happy dance * It is the first time that anything has come back in an analysis, so clearly the hormone shots are doing something!

The bad news that we got was that the one they found wasn’t viable. Dr. Foulk and I had a phone conversation with our options and how this would affect our plan of treatment. During our conversation there was actually a bit of a misunderstanding in what Jason and I wanted and we ended up having a bit of a heart attack over it. Dr. Foulk thought that Jason and I did not want to do another biopsy to retrieve more sperm and that we were only willing to do that through an analysis. In that scenario, Dr. Foulk would advise that we push back our IVF to give Jason more time to be on the hormones to get the best outcome. Jason and I were pretty confused and a little freaked out to hear that. We feel very strongly that December is the right time for our IVF and because of the misunderstanding we didn’t comprehend why this would change our plans. Luckily, Jason was able to have another phone call with Dr. Foulk a couple of days after to clear things up. Unless the next biopsy has unexpected results, we are good to shoot for December still. Phew!

 We’re hoping to schedule the biopsy for sometime next week. Poor Jason isn’t looking forward to it but (like everything in our life lately!) he’s willing to do it for Baby Knoell.

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