Lucy, Roman, Tadashi, and Squirm

I don’t know if every infertile can say this, but I think that since we couldn’t have our own babies (yet!), God gave us children in our lives that we love dearly to make up for it. Well these are “my” little boys!


My three nephews are the sweetest,smartest, funniest little kids I’ve ever met. I am proud to be their Aunt and love to spend time with them! I spend almost as much time gushing over them as my sister does.

Well the three little monkeys have asked me on several occasions when I’m having a baby. Once we went to the hospital together and Monkey Number 2, who was around 2 years old at the time, turned to me and asked “are we here to get your baby?” He caught me off guard. In his little boy mind, if you wanted a baby you just swung by the hospital and you left with a baby. Makes sense,that’s how it worked when they went to pick up his baby brother! Cute little kid logic. I told him no and he shrugged it off.

Monkey Number 3 will come up to you, pat your belly, and ask if there’s a baby in there. Not the best ego boost in the world, but to be fair,it doesn’t matter to him if you have abs of steel or not to earn that question.

And most recently, Monkey Number 1 keeps asking when he’s gonna have cousins on this side of the family. He has tons of cousin’s on his dad’s side that he loves, but they’re the only grandkids on his mom’s side. He’s asked me and Jason on and off over the last couple of years when we’re going to have a baby.

With all their questions, my darling sister has taken this opportunity to teach them about babies. It’s completely G rated and age appropriate, but factual. The boys have learned about how babies grow inside mommy’s tummy for 9 months (Monkey Number 2 has decided it’s his mission in life to make it so babies in the tummies can have 1. a couch and 2. a wii. You know, so they’re not utterly bored for 9 months! So stinking cute.) and together they looked up pictures and videos about how babies grow and develop. Learning about all of this inspired Monkey Number 1 to say he wants to be a doctor one day. Who knows if that will pan out but hey, I guess we’ll see!

The boys have known about our different procedures and have been praying for us and Baby Knoell for a long time now. They knew Jason needed extra prayers for his procedure last week and Monkey Number 1 asked my sister “how is Uncle Jason’s squirm?” to see if they found any sperm. 😀

To celebrate the surgery’s success, my sister brought us 4 balloons–one for each of the sperm they found in the OR. The boys were eager to name them and picked out Fallopian Tubes and Uterus before my sister told them they should probably pick baby names. So, introducing Lucy, Roman, Tadashi, and Squirm.


Whisper was absolutely fascinated by the balloons. She kept trying to get up and grab them. At the moment, Squirm is the sole survivor of her hunting spree haha. She kept us very entertained!