Okay, so what is IVF anyway?

Alright, so many of you may be facing infertility yourselves, or you may be wanting to do the research in order to support a friend or simply educate yourselves… Great, so what is IVF anyway?

I’ll be honest, when I first heard this was the only way for us to have children, images of turkey basters and petri dishes began filling my mind… Needles? Anesthesia? Laboratories and trying to play God?

Well, it’s actually pretty simple and pretty neat, once you know. To explain In-Vitro Fertilization very simply, they give the woman medications to time her “egg drop” (not the chinese soup) to within AN HOUR. Yep, an hour before they drop, the collect as many as possible. They then collect the swimmers from the guy, fertilize as many eggs as they can and begin growing embryos. The idea here is that they will hopefully come out with at least a dozen or so, which they will freeze for when you want future children. The doctor then implants a healthy embryo back into the uterus, and there ya go.

Once I knew the process, the whole thing seemed a lot less scary. Expensive, yes. Stressful, you betcha. But not nearly as scary. We feel very confident in the hands of our doctor, who is one of the foremost specialists in the nation.

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