The Utah Infertility Bill: Good News

Image is property of Talking Infertility.

Historically, infertility treatments have been thought of as expensive and difficult. Well, the good news is that soon, the first half of that sad cocktail may be lightened considerably for couples in Utah. Earlier this year, Rep. LaVar Christensen began sponsoring a bill to offset the cost of infertility treatments.

Basically the idea is that, currently, insurance companies in Utah have the option of covering a portion of adoptions costs. The Utah Infertility Bill, as it’s been dubbed, would enable those insurance companies to use that same coverage toward infertility treatments.

This is HUGE NEWS!!! I really love and appreciate our state legislature for their open-mindedness and ability to see the pain and suffering that is caused by infertility. I am so very glad that they are working for people like us. It feels like there are actually politicians out there who are on our side. On February 28th, the bill passed in the senate with a historic unanimous 67-0 vote.

Anyway, the big update is that next Tuesday, they are signing the bill! It’s been a very long road, but it seems that its finally happening. Lindsey of Talking Infertility has been tracking the progress of this bill since the beginning, and has posted tons of useful information about the bill on the facebook page. Please check it out and like her page for updates and to support the movement. 

For those of you who are wondering, this won’t apply to our situation at all (long story). But this isn’t about us right now. This is just such great news for those couples who are able to get this new coverage.