Gender Reveal Video Questions

015-09-25 12.06.03

Two little girls!! AHHHH!! We are so very thrilled and we love that you share that excitement with us.

We’ve gotten a few questions about our gender reveal video so for those who are wondering, this is for you!

  • It’s a time-lapse video we shot using our iPhone and propped it up on a shelf to keep it in the same position. We stopped filming after about 3 hours (which is when this photo is from) but the flowers continued to get noticeably more vibrant and colorful for about the next 24 hours.
  • The vases were filled with neon hot pink food dye and water. We could have used red dye as well but we found a neon dye set and figured we’d give it a shot. Most sites suggest around 30 drops depending on the color intensity you want but since we never use food dye and we wanted the flowers to be as pink as quick as possible we just split the whole food dye bottle between the two glasses.
  • The water we used was hot. I read online that hot or warm water (not boiling!) gets sucked up into the flowers faster and that you should use warm water if you want your flowers to open up quickly. Cold water takes longer to get absorbed but does keep the flowers looking fresh for a longer length of time. We were going for speed here!
  • We ended up using white carnations. Food dyeing flowers works best with flower stems that are green and easy to snap in your hands, not more of the woody thick kind like roses. We originally tried white daisies, which was also suggested online, and while they did work they didn’t give us the effect we had pictured. They mostly only got pink at the center ridges of each petal and didn’t extend to the whole petal. The daisies also took FOREVER. They soaked over night and they still didn’t get a 1/10th of the vibrant pink the carnations got to in just 3 hours!
  • I got the idea of dyeing flowers from one of my pregnancy forums. One gal mentioned that she had brought white flowers to a family event that she secretly had put food coloring in. The flowers subtlety changed colors throughout the course of the day and it took a few hours for her family to notice.  I thought that was a really fun way to share the news! But I really prefer short, to the point gender reveals and since I knew the flowers would take hours, I asked Jase if we could do a time lapse under 1 minute to share the news. Voila! Idea born.

We’re really happy with how the video turned out! All we had to purchase were flowers so it was cheap, unique, and fun. The hardest part was waiting, as we’re not very patient people Hope you guys enjoyed it too!