It Only Takes One


A few weeks ago, Jason did another semen analysis and our clinic let us know it would be 2-5 days for the results. We were anxious about getting the results because we knew we would get one of three answers.
1.) The SA would show a significant improvement for sperm count and we would be ready to move forward with IVF immediately
2.) There would be an improvement, but not as high a count as we would hope for and Jason would need to do another round of hormone shots for 2-3 months
3.) The hormones would not have affected Jason and the SA would be at zero again, so our IVF journey would be finished before it began.

Friends had let us know that in their experience, if the office called to schedule an appointment it would be good news. If it was bad news, they would let us know over the phone. We were hoping that would be the case for us but we knew that might not be correct. We got a call that they wanted to schedule an appointment with us and we were thrilled! We hoped that was a good sign and kept our fingers crossed. We had to wait a week to go over the results and it was kind of excruciating. We wanted to know the results! But as luck would have it, Jason had an international business trip that week and we decided that we wanted to wait until we were together to get the results. Just incase it wasn’t the best news, we didn’t want to be on opposite sides of the world coping with it.

When Jason got back, we had a phone appointment with Dr Foulk. Unfortunately, it was not the news we were hoping for. Jason’s semen analysis had come in at zero again. HOWEVER! Because Jason has had some clear (good) reactions to the hormones, Dr. Foulk is fairly confident that there is more sperm being produced but possibly not enough to make it to the analysis. So, 2 more months of hormones and then another analysis. If that analysis comes back at zero again, they will do another PESE/TESE (ouch!) extraction and see if they can find some more little guys that way. Since they did find 2 sperm that way last time, we feel confident that they will at least find a couple again.

Ideally, we wanted the hormones to get his sperm up to the high thousands, low millions. So far it doesn’t seem to be going that way. We are hoping and praying that if the next analysis comes back zero that they will at least find a few hundred during the biopsy. But…it only takes one. Dr Foulk has had a similar case with another patient where they were only able to extract one sperm but they were able to have a successful pregnancy from it. So it’s possible! Hopefully our odds won’t be that low, but we want to continue forward with our plans.