Poke poke poke

Last Saturday I started my first set of shots.


Like I mentioned, we are no strangers to shots–Jason started his own shots 5x a week about 6 months ago and before that he administered my MS shots 3x a week for almost 2 years.

But that does NOT mean I’m over my resentment of shots!!!

I still hate them. Jason, being the wonderful, sweet, golden husband  that he is did the shots for me. He knew that one of my biggest challenges with accepting my MS diagnosis were the shots I would need to take. I tried administering the shots myself three times total–once with my nurse present, once with Jason present, and then the final time completely by myself. That lost shot was catastrophic. Somehow I loaded the shot into my injector wrong and instead of it waiting for me to press the release button, it was loaded on the on position and medication immediately started shooting out of the needle. Thousands of dollars worth of medications all over my kitchen walls and ceiling! Never again.

So understandably, I was very apprehensive  with Lupron, my first IVF shot. Lupron’s purpose is to stop your body from ovulating on its own. With IVF, it’s crucial that they control exactly when my eggs are released. So two Saturdays ago I started taking daily Lupron shots.

To my relief, it is WAY easier then my Rebif was. The needle is tiny and the medicine does not  burn. I had Jason administer my first shot but it was such a breeze that I’ve been able to do the rest myself. Huzzah! So here’s a look at this guy:


And my pile of daily meds and vitamins:

So much fun 😉  Hopefully the next shots will be just as easy!