Baby’s First Photograph

Look at our darling little embryos!!!

We had our Day 5 update today!!!

First, the unfortunate news–we lost 6 embryos over the weekend   Our embryologist let us know that with ICSI, when the sperm is injected directly into the egg vs allowing the sperm to swim to and naturally enter the egg, it’s common that not all of the embryos will grow. That was a sad moment…

…but we’re thrilled to say that the rest of our embryos are thriving! We have 4 embryos that are at their peak and were frozen today. We have 2 more embryos that they’re going to keep an eye on tonight and evaluate tomorrow.

Our embryologist let us know that our 4 embryos are absolutely gorgeous. The top two could be, in his words, “embryo models” because they’re so “textbook perfect!!” Woohoo!!! That definitely made up for the drop in numbers.

We are so giddy!!! Everything is moving and going so well, we can hardly believe it.  Our embryo transfer will be next week. We’ll just need those embryos to be super sticky and stay put so they can grow into Baby Knoell!!!