Just Keep Swimming

We were able to get 6 gorgeous embryos! They have been frozen until our transfer next week. At that point we will decide how many embryos to transfer. It’s a big decision but right now we feel strongly that we need to do two. Keep checking in to see whic way we decide to go!

The technology available to us these days is mind blowing!! Look at what else our embryologist sent to us!

The actual moment of the sperm being implanted into the eggs.

And footage of our embryos wiggling around.

And even more pictures! So proud of our little swimmers for rallying and out performing our expectations. They may not have had to swim to their goal, but because of that little miracle we can now have a family. 

This is just so cool and exciting for us! We absolutely love it. And for those of you who enjoyed my three little monkeys, you should know that when my sister showed them our embryo pictures…they immediately asked to see pictures from when they were embryos.  It’s really mind-blowing to us to have this documentation of our children growing. We also like having the option of teasing our kids when they’re misbehaving that they don’t belong to us, I mean, we weren’t even present during their conception! 😉 But after all the work we’re going through to get them here, our babies will always be angels, right??

We are forever grateful that we live in a day where there are so many options available for those facing infertility. We know that some people feel that if we can’t naturally conceive than God must not want us to be parents (yes. People feel the need to tell us this.) Personally, I completely disagree with that statement. If God felt that way, then why would He have inspired the medical and technological knowledge and equipment that exists today? Why then did He not have Jason or myself born in a different time period when there were no other options? Heavenly Father has a plan. And His plan includes all the genius advances that human kind has available–He is the root to every miraculous discovery and thought that human kind has ever had after all!