Our IVF Calendar

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If you couldn’t guess, IVF is COMPLICATED! Jason and I knew that when we first were told that IVF was our only option, but wow. We did not fully know what we were getting into! Here is our lovely calendar that tells us what is happening when. And it doesn’t even have everything on it!

I will be getting lots of labs drawn, ultrasounds, and medications. I get to take lots of pills and shots. Prenatal vitamins, birth control, shots to make more eggs, shots for releasing eggs…so very many shots. I hate shots. I hate blood work. But for the baby, I will do it! I had a very hard time with my MS shots but since Jason has been taking some of the same shots that I will need to he can tell me first hand that they’re not too bad and should be way easier than my MS shots. I sure hope so! I’m telling myself those 2 years of torture were to train me for this!

As for Jason, he has been taking shots for the last few months and will most likely continue taking them until the IVF. He does have a few pills to take and will have one-two procedures. Basically our home will feel like a small pharmacy for the next couple months and we will feel like druggies from all our needle tracks!

We’re obviously going to be in and out of UFC for the next while. We were pleasantly surprised to hear that UFC will let our biological timing run the schedule; if my eggs are ready to go, UFC will go, whether it’s a weekday, weekend, or holiday. We appreciate them doing what’s best for the patients even if it does mean more work for them. I hadn’t really thought about that before but I’m glad to know they won’t postpone if my body is ready outside of regular business hours.

If all goes as planned, we will be doing our egg retrieval and transplant in early December. What a wonderful birthday present for Jason and Christmas present for all of us! So exciting. We haven’t decided exactly when we’ll share our results with our blog audience, so keep in mind that if we want to tell you, we’ll tell you 😉

On another note, we want to again express our gratitude for the love and support we have felt from all of you. We are so glad we decided to share our story with you. Thank you for your prayers, your messages, and for following our story.

We hate to ask any more from you, but we would like to share the link for a fundraiser our wonderful friend started in our behalf.

Jason and I are not the type to ask for hand outs or anything like that. We’ve been working very hard to earn money for our IVF and have been saving, budgeting, taken out loans, worked over time, and picked up other side jobs as well. However, because we ended up needing additional medications for Jason, we are about $2000 short for when the big chunk of money is due mid November. It does make us a little uncomfortable to ask people to give us money, but, we’re looking at it this way; this is for Baby Knoell, not for us. As parents-in-waiting, we would do anything in the world on behalf of our child.

Again, we truly appreciate everything you’ve done for us and we will not be offended in the slightest if you are not able to donate. But if you are able to donate or share this link, we would be eternally grateful.